Dressing Your Body Type: Hourglass

(Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Winslet)

Your bust and hips are about the same size accompanied by a small waist.
Goals: Don’t hide and cover up curves in lose fitting clothes (it makes you look bigger). Embrace those curves and show off your most envied assets; your proportions and tiny waist!

Jackets and Blazers: Look for a well-designed jacket even with a belt and avoid the bulky ones. A badly chosen jacket may make an hourglass figure look 2-3 times larger. Single breasted jackets are best for your shape. Simplicity is they key when looking for YOUR perfect jacket. If you are a more petite hourglass, try and stick to shorter jackets that end at your hips.

Tops: V-neck shirts show a glimpse of the neckline but don’t plunge too deep. Boat necks look best on this shape. If the neckline is too high up, it may create a disharmony in the appearance. Meaning, turtlenecks are usually a “no” unless worn under a small jacket. Also, avoid blouses and tops without a fitting waistline. Wrap tops and tops with belts are also good for the hour glass woman because the belt or tie will fall on your slender waistline.

Dresses: For the best silhouette, choose a dress that is either following the body contours (but not too tight) or one that fits perfectly on the top and ends in a slightly A-lined bottom. Dresses and one piece jumpsuits are a good choice for the hour glass woman (just make sure they fit your bust as well as your hips and your behind!)

Skirts: Pencil skirts are the ones to go for; they will cling to your figure coming right in at your waist to show off your sexy curves. However it’s important to know what length skirt is right for you (Wearing skirts ending at the thickest part of your legs whether it be the widest part of your thighs or calves, will make you appear a lot shorter and wider than you actually are.) A-lines are also great for your shape as long as they are fitted around the waist and don’t flare out from the waist.

Pants: Since the hourglasses’ hips are round, pants and jeans are most comfortable when they are high or mid-waist. To balance out your hips, choose jeans and pants that have a slightly flared, wide leg or boot cut. Tailored jeans can make your legs appear longer and lift your bottom especially if worn with heels.

Tips & Tricks
- A belt worn on the waist will make your waistline appealing and enhance the curves. A narrow belt could “decrease the size,” while wide belts may seem to add on a few pounds on the area, so it’s best to avoid lower fitting belts on hips